Vocational Rock School Music Practitioner

Exam Board

RSL Level 3 Diploma
The music practitioners qualification is a flexible, vocational music course that aims to train you in the skills you need for a career in the music industry. It offers a wide variety of modules for you to study. You will be supported with your exploration of these modules whilst also developing transferable and functional skills which are embedded in your lessons to help you achieve your ambitions in the music industry and to help you to step up to higher education.

Why Choose This?
With the skills you learn on this course, you will have an excellent foundation to allow you to take up any role in the music industry (further specific training may be required). The music business is a vast, vibrant and varied industry, employing huge numbers of people and generating billions every year globally.

These are several pathways available including music technology, performance, business and composition. We will help you decide which is best for you and guide you on your journey. Through studying the various modules you will develop the skills required for your desired career.

Areas of Study & Assessment
Some units on offer:
Composing collaboration and recorded music performance; Rehearsal skills and live music performance; Planning for a career in music; Understanding musical styles; Music events management; Musical instrument development; Composing music; Radio podcast productions; Composing for film and documentary; Evolution of the record industry; Music video production; Composing lyrics; Composing for interactive media; Leading music making activity; Lead performer; Auditioning for music; Music sequencing and production; Remixing and production

What Our Students Say
Studying music at Lordswood helped me in many ways. Not only did it give me the vital skills to enable me to carry on studying music at university, but it also gave me confidence in my ability. The teachers are always incredibly supportive, and friendly which makes lessons really fun! I found that the interests of each student were nurtured, and we were encouraged to explore whatever avenues interested us. Learning music at Lordswood is not only fun, but it’s done in an inclusive and supportive environment. This really aids improvement and development at all levels.