Vocational Creative & Performing Arts

Exam Board

The course follows the acting pathway and consists of 7 units. One externally assessed, two core units and a further four units.

Why Choose This?
With the skills you learn on this course, not only could you become an actor, comedian, presenter, entertainer, facilitator or teacher, but you will also develop important communication and interpersonal skills to meet the needs of a range of commercial and business sectors. The performing arts offer a wide range of skills that are sought after in many other professions such as leadership, public speaking and creativity.

This course is designed to explore practically the creative arts industry and prepare you for professional work. It is accredited on the performance tables and is suitable for anyone wanting to go into the creative arts industry or study at higher education.  The course is highly practical with a focus on personal research, keeping detailed logs of sessions and rehearsals, and recording a portfolio of work you can use to secure university places or jobs within the industry.

Areas of Study & Assessment
Diploma Compulsory Units:
Planning for a career in the creative arts and the external unit performance preparation.

Performance Preparation: This unit requires independent research and the planning and execution of a group performance.

Planning for a career: Create a portfolio of work, research into different careers in performing arts, work experience placement and professional profile.

Optional units may include:
Vocal techniques; approaches to acting; audition techniques, Elizabethan and community theatre.

What Our Students Say
I chose drama as it’s exciting and creative. During lessons we develop our team building, creative and stagecraft skills through rehearsals and performance and analysis skills through evaluating our work and watching live theatre. Every lesson is different and this is something I value.  As a group we love learning about drama practitioners and different styles of theatre such as Theatre of the Oppressed, Theatre of Cruelty and Physical Theatre.  Teachers always have new and exciting ways in which to develop each of us and build up our skills. I originally went to another college but I came back for the drama department as I missed the teaching and the whole atmosphere.