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Hello and welcome to ‘The Hub’.  Our school dining room is a place for your daughter to meet with friends in a comfortable environment, to enjoy conversation and enjoy a meal experience from the many and varied options on our menu.


We are open:

Before school:

7.30am - 8.35am

At mid morning break:

Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri 10.55am - 11.15am

Weds 10.30am - 10.50am

During lunchtime:

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 1.15pm - 1.50pm

Weds 12.40pm - 1.15pm

After school 3.00pm - 3.20pm


The Hub operates a Smart Card system which enables your daughter to purchase all her food and drinks throughout the week without having to handle cash on a daily basis.  The use of the Smart Card system ensures queues at busy times are kept to a minimum and, if your daughter is entitled to a free school meal, that information will be stored on the card.  This gives pupils entitled to free meals anonymity.


Another advantage of using the Smart Card is that you can ensure that all monies given for school food goes onto the card.  You can top up your daughter’s card online using the instructions sent via ParentMail.


If the card is lost then the balance information stored on the system for your daughter can be transferred to a new card.


A Smart Card will be given to all new Year 7s at the start of the September term, free of charge.  However if the Smart Card is lost or defaced there will be a £3 charge to replace it.  If you require any further information then please contact Mrs Avery, our Catering Manager, on 0121 420 2443. For more information on free meals, please contact the school office.  The free meal entitlement in September 2017 will be £2.25 per day.


Price List:



Toast 20p

Cheese on toast 40p

Cereals 65p

Scrambled egg 45p

Bacon sandwich £1.15

1/2 bacon sandwich 65p

Porridge tub 70p



Toast 20p

Bacon bagel £1.25

Bacon and cheese bagel £1.30

Salmon and cream cheese bagel £1.10

Bacon sandwich £1.15

1/2 bacon sandwich 65p

Sandwiches £1.35

Baguettes £1.70

Tea cakes 55p

Toasties £1.30



Cuplets 25p

Tropicana 50p

Aqua sparkling water 50p

Still water 330ml 45p

Still water 500ml 65p

Suso 75p

Carters 70p

Juice burst 95p

Capri Sun 70p

Yazoo 200ml 65p

Calypso juice 45p

Viva 50p



Main meals £1.35

- excluding vegetables and desserts

Roast dinner £1.80

- including vegetables and dessert

Sandwich meal £1.95

- sandwich fruit and drink

Light bites £1.30


Jacket potatoes 95p

Jacket and cheese £1.45

1/2 jacket with cheese 75p

Fish £1.15

Chips £1

Vegetables/potatoes/rice 40p

Prepared salad box £1.70

Prawns per portion 65p

Cheese/coleslaw/tuna 50p

Deli meats 50p

Chicken hot tub £1.65

Zinger hot tub £1.65

Curry tub £1.65

Pasta tub £1.65

Pasta tub with cheese £1.85

The comfort tub £1.65

Fish finger flatbread £1.65


Cakes from 45p

Desserts 65p

Custard 25p

Fruit pots 80p

Yoghurts 50p

Fruit portion 25p

Jelly squeeze 60p

Vimto jelly 65p

Fruity pots 65p


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B17 8QB


0121 429 2838