T Level Education & Childcare

Exam Board

The T Level is a new, exciting, two-year, technical study programme designed with employers to give you the skills that the childcare and education industry needs. The course will develop your technical knowledge and skills specific to working with children in childcare and education.  You will have an industry placement and develop your maths, English and digital skills.

Why Choose This?

  • The T Level in Education and Childcare will provide you with a licence to practice.
  • It will provide you with a progression route into skilled employment, further education or apprenticeship.
  • It is an exciting, brand new course which is based on apprenticeship standards.

Areas of Study & Assessment
Core content:

  • Core knowledge and skills which includes child development, health and safety, equality and diversity and observation skills
  • Occupational Specialist Content for Early Years and Childcare which includes specific skills and knowledge required to work with children.  This includes topics such as play, educational opportunities, relationships, safeguarding and planning meaningful activities
  • Maths, English and Digital Skills are integrated in the occupational specialism
  • T Level Industry Placement to develop technical skills and apply knowledge in a workplace environment.

Assessment is through examinations, practical projects and coursework.