Student Mental Health & Safeguarding

At Lordswood Girls’ School, we take the emotional well-being and safeguarding of our students very seriously.  As well as regular reviews with their Review Tutors, students have numerous ways in which they can access support should they need it.  Achievement Coordinators are responsible for the welfare of all students and are available at any time of the school day should a student need to see them.  Members of the Student Support Team, Mrs McKenzie and Mrs Baxter, are also available to meet with students and, for those students who require more consistent support, can provide regular one-to-one mentoring sessions.

Lordswood Girls’ School is a member of the NewStart Programme.  NewStart is a prevention and early-intervention programme to promote mental health and emotional well-being in our school communities.

Led by Birmingham Education Partnership and funded by the NHS, the NewStart programme aims to build resilience and well-being for young people through a school-based community development model.

NewStart is working with schools to help staff know earlier when young people may be experiencing poor emotional health and to put support in place for them sooner.  Understanding how the whole school can support such students enables all pupils to achieve better outcomes.