School Council

Here at Lordswood Girls’ School, we take student voice incredibly seriously and believe that all students should have the right and opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions on every aspect of school life.  One of the main ways in which students can have a voice in school is through the School Council, a group which strives to improve everyone’s experiences of life at Lordswood.

The School Council is made up of Council Representatives, or Reps for short, who are elected every year through review group elections.  All students are given the chance to apply for a place on the Council, their peers then elect one Rep from each form group to form the 30 student strong Council.  Once formed, the School Council is broken down into Year Group Councils which are each responsible for addressing issues that arise concerning their specific year group.  The Year Group Councils also work together to address issues on a whole school basis and try to tackle problems that affect the School as a whole.  In the past, the School Council has addressed areas such as lunch times, canteen menus, outside facilities and recycling.

The School Council also arranges regular ‘Question Time’ sessions during which students are given the opportunity to grill the Headteacher and her panel of staff on any topic relating to life at Lordswood.  Issues raised at these events are regularly discussed at Senior Leadership meetings and it is seen as a no-holds-barred chance to quiz the Headteacher!

Should a student wish to get in touch with the School Council, they should approach their review group Rep who will relay their message to the Council.  Students can also contact Mrs Riley who is the Coordinator for the School Council and is based in GA11.

Every single voice is important at Lordswood Girls’ School so, if you have any ideas, opinions or suggestions, we want to hear from you!