Religious Studies Course Info KS3


Year 7Students follow a course that includes the following topics:
Ways of expressing meaning.
Rules for living
Nature of God
Ultimate questions
Different beliefs and perspectives about the environment
Year 8Students follow a course that includes the following topics:
What makes a good leader?
Life after death
What it means to be Christian or Muslim in the modern day
Year 9Students follow a course that includes the following topics:
A day in the life of
Ways of commitment
The nature of suffering
The holocaust
Beginning of GCSE content

Assessment (including homework)

All yearsStudents will sit five assessments over the academic year. Written feedback will be given to indicate if students are on track or not based on their GCSE target grade.
Throughout the course verbal feedback is given to students and they are supported in lessons.
Students are also encouraged to review their feedback and devise their own targets for development on a regular basis.
Reflective study homework tasks will be set on a regular basis to encourage students to reflect on their learning and develop their skills further.

How to support your daughter
Asking questions about homework, proofreading and supporting students in the application of the marking criteria.
Encouraging students to access current religious and moral issues via a range of media.
Supporting the revision of key words and their meaning.