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Our leadership programme helps you develop the skills to become leaders of the future.  We offer the following leadership opportunities:


  • Student Leadership Team
  • Head Boy/Girl
  • Lunchtime supervisors and receptionist (paid positions)
  • Sixth form and whole school student council
  • Peer mentorship scheme to support younger students
  • Organising charity work




Rekha - Head Girl

"Studying at Lordswood Sixth Form Centre will, for sure, be the best days of your life. They prepare you for anything and everything and never fail to support you. I’ve attended Lordswood since year 7 and have therefore seen the commitment and motivation that is given to every year group. I currently study, biology, psychology, English literature and health and social care and am hoping to study biomedical science at university. What made me stay at Lordswood to pursue my post 16 studies was the diversity and multicultural environment of the sixth-form. What I love is that, every student is valued here. In addition, I am familiar with the teachers, the resources and the support provided and I was scared that I wasn’t going to be able to find this level elsewhere. Throughout the academic year, teachers will give up their time at any point during their free periods and even after-school, to ensure you get the best understanding of your studies. Sixth-form isn’t just about the learning though, and now that we will have a new sixth-form block we will be able to socialise in a new environment forming more connections as students. We have several open days that are organised for us to attend by the sixth form and external visitors come in to to help us become more knowledgeable about our future goals and aspirations. We have regular meetings with review tutors and career mentors to ensure we are feeling the best we can be and these are very beneficial. Students attending the sixth form will always be looked after because we are in an environment filled with caring people."


Laurenc - Head Boy

"Welcome to the 2017/18 prospectus of Lordswood Sixth Form Centre, my name is Laurenc and I am the head boy. I joined this sixth form in September, 2016 and ever since, my time here has been fulfilling and exciting.  I study English literature, media studies and film studies. The sixth form I chose to attend was Lordswood and I decided this mainly due to its success. Being in your position now (reading the prospectus two years ago), I admired the students’ achievements and inferred from the prospectus what incredible knowledge the teachers must be putting into their lessons. I wanted to be part of this success; there was simply nowhere else in Birmingham like Lordswood. The success of this sixth form has to the best factor of Lordswood - the mindset of everyone. Whether it be teachers, staff or students, their mindset includes determination and to do their best possible job in everything they are challenged at. The incredible development of this school over the years only stems from this factor of Lordswood. Therefore, that is why I most certainly believe incoming students such as you will love Lordswood. You will enjoy yourself by making incredible new friends due to the close-knit environment. You will enjoy the support and care teachers provide for you. You will enjoy the present and contribute to the future success of Lordswood Sixth Form Centre."

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