LSFC Student Leadership

Our leadership programme helps you develop the skills to become leaders of the future.  We offer the following leadership opportunities:

  • Student Leadership Team
  • Head Boy/Girl
  • Lunchtime supervisors and receptionist (paid positions)
  • Sixth form and whole school student council
  • Peer mentorship scheme to support younger students
  • Organising charity work

My Lordswood Journey – Welcome from our Head Girl and Head Boy

Mariam – Head Girl
I chose Lordswood as my sixth form destination for multiple reasons. Being an internal student, I have been able to observe early on the impeccable support given by staff members to students. Lessons are thoroughly planned to ensure deep understanding and frequent feedback allows us to identify our strengths and weaknesses so that we can respond appropriately. Furthermore, the new sixth form block has many excellent facilities, from a bustling social space to a silent hub for independent study. Lordswood highlights our similarities whilst also celebrating our differences. We leave well equipped, not only with relevant qualifications, but also with invaluable skills. The Lordswood community is close knit and heavy emphasis is placed on helping each other. Cohesion is encouraged through events such as movie nights, trips and a spring ball. We are extremely fortunate to be presented with many opportunities to explore post-18 options, such as through university talks, fairs and open days. Applying to university or for an apprenticeship can be a daunting experience, however, the level of support given is phenomenal and the process is completed as smoothly as possible. I have many fond memories of Lordswood and would highly recommend it if you would like to fulfil your academic potential and leave as a well-rounded individual.

Aamir – Head Boy
Being a Lordswood student since 2013 has enabled me to grow into the person I am right now. Lordswood Sixth Form is a nurturing foundation that has allowed me to develop into the best version of myself, I truly believe I would be completely different from the person I am today if I had chosen to study at a different institution. There are many reasons why I chose to study at Lordswood; primarily, the inspiring staff who are very proactive in their teaching approach. with an astonishing standard of teaching. Moreover, what pushed me further to study at LSFC was the brilliant enrichment opportunities and social activities which allow you to establish new bonds and make beneficial relationships with great people. When I first started my A-Levels, I was surprised by how unbelievably caring and outgoing previous students were towards me and it definitely contributed to my development as an individual. This sixth form provides you with a valuable opportunity to grow and evolve in a positive way. Throughout my time at LSFC, I have obtained valuable experiences and precious friendships with fantastic people that I would not trade for the world.

I didn’t really have to choose LSFC; it was always the right option for me and I fully believe that whoever chooses to study at this wonderful school will have an excellent experience that is truly one of a kind.