Info for Students

As you are aware this is a very important time as you will shortly be making choices about the subjects that you wish to study next year. In preparation for this, you will have already started to have discussions with your review tutor regarding your career aspirations and you will be provided with information about the courses available to you next year.  In addition, we have created an area on the school website to help support you in making your choices for your Key Stage 4 programme of study.

At Key Stage 4, you will follow a broad and balanced core curriculum that consists of the following subjects: English, English Literature, mathematics, science, physical education, religious education, PSHE and citizenship. Although you must take all of these subjects, you will have the opportunity to access different courses in science. Your subject teachers will guide you in making the most appropriate choice in this subject area.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to choose up to another four subjects, including a language and a humanity, that you will study alongside your core curriculum.  There are many different courses on offer that will suit your interests, abilities and career aspirations. When choosing your optional subjects you must consider the following:

Which subjects do I enjoy? Why?

Which subjects do I do well in? Why?

What are my career aspirations?

Will the course I choose be suitable and support my career aspirations?

This is about your future so please do not choose subjects just because your friends are doing them or because you like the teacher. You must choose the subjects that you want to do and those that you feel that you will be successful in. Talk to your subject teachers, review tutors and parents as they will also guide and advise you about which courses are most suitable for you.  Remember that you are required to stay in education or training until you are 18.  It is therefore important that when you are considering your options, you think about what you want to progress on to at post 16. Ultimately the KS4 curriculum, both core and optional subjects, provide a solid platform for post 16 study regardless of what you may choose to study in the future.

A measure for schools called Progress 8 will measure your progress in all of your subjects.  Our aim is to ensure that your curriculum is broad and balanced which will enable you to achieve the best outcomes allowing appropriate pathways for progression at Post 16.

Please read the guidance notes carefully! We will aim to provide you with your first choices but there may be times when we are not be able to do so. For a subject to run we need a minimum of 15 students. Therefore, it is very important that you consider your reserve choices carefully.

The deadline for completion of the Options Form is Tuesday 15th February 2022.

Loveena Verma
Assistant Headteacher (Curriculum and Assessment)