History Course Info KS3


Year 7How was the monarchy established in England?
How did royal authority change in Medieval England?
How was the Church and the Feudal System challenged?
How did Henry VIII change England forever?
How did the Church and Monarchy evolve in Elizabethan England?
How did the Church and Monarchy evolve in Stuart England?
Year 8How did the industrial revolution change the miles of the British people?
How did the British Empire impact different parts of the world?
How and why as skavery abolished in Britain?
What methods did activists in the Civil Right Movement use?
Why were women given the vote in the UK?
What were the causes of WW1?
Year 9How did Germany become a democracy?
What chellenges did Germans face after WW1?
Why did the Nazis rise to power?
What was life like in Nazi Germany?
What was life like in Nazi Germany?
What was the peace settlement after WW1?

Assessment (including homework)
In history we develop the following skills:- knowledge and understanding- source analysis – evaluation of interpretations- essay-writingAt the end of each topic (each half term), students will be given an assessment in lesson that enables them to practise one of those key skills. As well as this students are given a fact test each half term to help them prepare for those assessments. After each assessment students are encouraged to choose one target based on their feedback.

How to support your daughter
Asking questions about homework, proofreading and supporting students in the application of the marking criteria.
Encouraging students to access current religious and moral issues via a range of media.
Supporting the revision of key words and their meaning.