Guidance Notes

The core subjects: English, English Literature, mathematics, science, religious studies, RSE/PSHEE and physical education will be followed by all students.

Both pathways provide you with a choice of four level 2 GCSE and vocational courses and are delivered over two years. You must choose a modern foreign language and also geography and/or history.

You will be choosing one subject from each of the option blocks.  For option 1 and 2, you will also need to select a reserve option, which must not be the same as your first choice.

If you are selecting GCSE PE, this will be an additional option and will not impact on your other choices.

You will be told if you will be following Pathway 2. You must choose geography and/or history.  You will have a choice of one option from option 1 and 2.  You will be choosing functional skills.

Before making your choices, read the subject information carefully.