French Course Info KS3


Year 8Topics covered:
Me and my family; Hobbies and free time; School; Home life;  My town

Assessment (including homework)

Year 8Students will complete quick Quizzes every 2-3 weeks. These quizzes assess students’ knowledge and application of grammar and vocabulary.
The results are shared with students and noted on the progress tracking sheet in their exercise books, at the beginning of each module.
Students will know how they achieved in a range of skills throughout each module.
For homework students must complete reflective study after each lesson.
They will also be asked to learn vocabulary regularly, and complete a range of tasks to extend listening, reading, speaking, writing and translation skills. Students may have to research new topics, take part in creative tasks or complete reinforcement grammar activities.
Students will be expected to join Google Classroom, which will be set up by the class teacher. Resources will be uploaded onto the Classroom and tasks may be set through this medium.
Students will be given login details to Active Learn and Language Nut – online learning resources that develop listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation skills. Students may also be set work/homework on these platforms.

How to support your daughter

In order that your daughter makes good progress in her studies it is important that she completes her reflective study after each lesson.
Some ideas to help you best support your daughter include:
Encouraging her to practise dialogues aloud at home.
Encouraging her to learn her vocabulary “chunks” using the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check technique.
Testing your daughter on spellings and meanings of new words.
Encouraging your daughter to revise new grammar learnt and practise applying it (please refer our departmental page for info on useful websites)Suggesting that she make full use of the independent learning resources available at Active Learn and Language Nut