Ethos & Values

We believe that:

  • Lordswood Girls’ School is an exceptional school, outstanding in the quality of all its learners.
  • We are all learners; learning is enriching, enjoyable and lifelong. We learn from each other.
  • Academic achievement is a vital, but not exclusive, indicator of success. An effective, rounded education engages the whole person and extends beyond the academic.
  • The quality of Lordswood Girls’ School lies in the richness of its aspirations, the commitment of its learners and the quality of the relationships within and beyond the school building.
  • Our past success informs our present practice and will be the foundation, but not the limitation, of our future growth.
  • Schools are communities within larger communities. Between us, we can create an excitingly rich and diverse pool of talent from which we can grow.

Therefore, we aim to:

  • Value and include all who contribute to the life and growth of the school.
  • Nurture mutually respectful, supportive relationships.
  • Create a happy, purposeful and secure learning environment which engenders in all a hunger to fulfil potential.
  • Inspire a zest for learning which extends beyond the ordinary and endures beyond the temporary.
  • Model and promote the value of lifelong learning.
  • Develop enthusiastic, self-disciplined and motivated learners who respect themselves, others and the world around them.
  • Recognise the unique talent within every individual and realise his or her full potential.
  • Harness, integrate and develop the wealth of resources available to us within all of the communities of which we are part.
  • Ensure the uncertainties of the future are anchored by strong self-belief, continuous development of skills and an unwavering determination to realise the best in all of us.