Emergency Procedures

1. Rationale
To provide clear instructions for staff and invigilators in the event that the school needs to be evacuated.

2. Procedures
In the event of an emergency evacuation on an examination room for events such as:

  • Fire/Fire alarm
  • Bomb alert
  • Any other emergency which may require an evacuation of examination rooms

Invigilators at Lordswood Girls’ School & Sixth Form Centre have been informed that they must take the following action (In accordance with JCQ Instructions for conducting examinations (ICE) regulation 18: Emergencies):

  • Stop the candidates from writing
  • Collect the attendance register (in order to ensure all candidates are present)
  • Await instructions given by the appropriate authority
  • In the event of a fire alarm during examinations the invigilator should await instructions from the Assessment & Data Manager or a member of SLT whether the exam room should be evacuated
  • Advise candidates that they must leave all question papers and scripts in the examination room and they must vacate the room in silence
  • Candidates will be led from the examination room to a safe area closely supervised by the Examinations Officer, Assessment & Data Manager and the invigilation team
  • When instructed, supervise the return of candidates to the examination room
  • A note of the time of the interruption and how long it lasted will be logged to allow candidates the full working time set for the examination
  • A full report of the incident and action taken will be sent to the relevant awarding body

In addition to the actions required by JCQ ICE regulation 18, invigilators are also informed of the following centre-specific actions or information:

  • The examination room must be vacated by the nearest fire exit
  • The candidates must be escorted to the assembly point on the lower playground
  • Candidates will assemble in silence and in accordance to the seating plan
  • Candidates will be reminded that they are still under examination conditions
  • On returning to the examination room, the examination will be restarted allowing candidates the full working time set for the examination
  • Relevant changes will be made to the  displayed finishing time
  • Record all information regarding the evacuation in the examination room incident log

There will be a review of these procedures every two years.

Examination Contingency Procedures
This plan examines the potential risks and issues that could cause disruption to the management and administration of the exam process.  By outlining actions/procedures to be followed in case of disruption it is intended to mitigate the impact these disruptions have on the examination process.

The Senior Leadership Team and The Assessment & Data Manager will liaise with the relevant Awarding Body to ensure that any contingency plans meet with their requirements and also that JCQ regulations are adhered to where possible.

Data & Assessment Assistant Absence at Key Points during the Exam cycle

  • Should the Data & Assessment Assistant be absent for any period during an examination series the Assessment and Data Manager will manage all aspects of key tasks and administration
  • In the event that should both the Examinations Officer and The Assessment and Data Manager be absent during the examination season.  The Headteacher (who has a set of examination keys in a safe hold) along with a member of SLT (Assistant Headteacher) and the Senior examination invigilator, will ensure there will be no disruption to examinations

Invigilators – lack of appropriately trained invigilators or Invigilator absence

  • The Data & Assessment Assistant and the Assessment & Data Manager will review the invigilation staffing at the start of each academic year to ensure sufficient staff are recruited and trained in a timely fashion
  • The Learning Support Team and Cover Supervisor are also trained as invigilators and may be called upon In the event of an emergency

Examination Rooms – Lack of appropriate rooms or venues available at short notice

  • All Examination rooms are booked by the Data & Assessment Assistant in liaison with the Cover Supervisor
  • Rooming provision is detailed on the master timetable that is circulated to all members of staff and is published in the exams section of the school website
  • Candidates are issued with individual personalised examination timetable which will also contain room information
  • In the event of the main hall or gymnasium not being in use alternative internal venues will be identified
  • In the event that the Headteacher decides that the centre cannot be opened for scheduled examinations, the relevant awarding body must be informed as soon as possible.  Advice will be offered by the Awarding Body regarding alternative arrangements for conducting examinations that may be available and the options for candidates who have not been able to take the scheduled examinations
  • The Headteacher and SLT will also liaise with Calthorpe Estates (The School Landlord) with regard to providing appropriate alternative provision

Failure of IT Systems

  • The Data & Assessment Assistant would inform the relevant Awarding Body
  • All entries would be submitted directly onto the awarding body website or IT facilities at an alternative school may be used
  • Results may also be accessed directly from the Awarding Body.  At all times during the system failure the Assessment & Data Manager will liaise with the Awarding Bodies to minimise disruption and costs incurred