Current Issues

Despite being cut very short by the national lockdown, last academic year the Council had two main areas of focus; lunchtimes and recycling.  Following the change of catering providers from our in-house team to Aspens, the Council raised numerous issues about the food served by the new company.  These points were then passed to Mrs Götschel who raised them in a meeting with the managing director of Aspens.  Since then Aspens has been working closely with the school to improve the provision and the School Council continues to monitor what their peers have to say about lunchtimes at Lordswood.

The School Council also worked hard to devise a new recycling scheme for the school.  Starting with paper and cardboard, all staff and students were asked to place their recycling in the bins positioned around the school.  School Council Reps emptied these bins into the main school recycling bins four times a week.  In the future, the Council hope that they will be able to add plastics and aluminium to the list of things recycled in school.

Watch this space!

Sadly due to Covid restrictions, all recycling has had to stop for the foreseeable future. However, as soon as we are able, the Council will reintroduce the scheme.