Admission Arrangements

Admission arrangements for academies are approved by the Secretary of State for the Department of Education as part of an Academy’s funding agreement.

In September 2021 the School will admit 154 girls.  The School’s published admission number (PAN) is 154.

The admission criteria used to decide which students will be allocated places in Year 7 are:

  • Children who are looked after or immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, child arrangement order or special guardianship order.  This includes any child/young person who is subject to a Full Care Order, an interim Care Order accommodated under Section 22(1) of the Children Act 1989, is remanded or detained into Local Authority accommodation under Criminal Law or who has been placed for adoption.
  • Children with an Education, Health & Care Plan (Special Educational Needs) if the school is named.
  • Students with a sister already at the school (Years 7-11) or a brother or sister in Lordswood Sixth Form Centre, who will still be on roll at the time the sibling enters the school.
  • Students who live nearest the school (calculated on the basis of a straight line measurement between home and school).

Waiting lists are maintained until the end of each academic year for admissions and children will be ranked in the same order as the criteria listed above.

The school continues to be heavily over-subscribed. In 2021, the last student admitted lived 1.962km from the school.

At post-sixteen level, the Sixth Form Centre (approximately 240 students) is open access and welcomes both male and female applicants from across the City and outside Birmingham.

Separate admissions criteria operate for the Lordswood Sixth Form Centre. Admission is based on an assessment of the students’ potential to benefit from the curriculum and facilities offered by the school.

In the event of over-subscription, preference will be given to students from Lordswood Girls’ School, then looked after or previously looked after children (in public care), then siblings, applicants to the Basketball, Football and Cricket Academies and then those who live nearest the school.

Timeline for Entry in September 2021

July 2020
If you live in Birmingham, you will have received information on the secondary transfer process from us through your child’s Birmingham primary school or via post if your child attends a primary school outside Birmingham. If you have not received any literature, please contact the Children’s Information and Advice Service on 0121 303 1888 (option 4).

If you live outside Birmingham but wish to apply for a Birmingham School or Academy, you must apply to your own Local Authority (i.e. The Council to which you pay your Council Tax).

September 2020
This year the Open Events will be virtual, and will take place from Wednesday 23rd September 2020. On the home page of our school website, you will be able to view videos from the Headteacher and students.  You will also find an online prospectus for your information. 

1st October 2020
You are strongly advised to apply online or to have returned your Birmingham Local Authority Preference Form by this date.

31st October 2020
31st October 2020 is the final date for acceptance of late preferences or change of preference through moving home etc. If you have not received an acknowledgement of your preference form before this date you should contact Children’s Information and Advice Service on 0121 303 1888 (option 4).

1st March 2021
If you have applied online and provided an email address, the Local Authority will send you an email on 1st March 2021, to inform you which secondary school your child has been offered. Formal offer letters will also be posted 1st class, which you should receive within 3 working days. The offer will explain how to accept or refuse the offer that has been made.

5th March 2021
If you have not received a formal offer from the Local Authority by this date, please contact the School Admissions team on 0121 303 1888 (option 4).

15th March 2021
If you have applied for a secondary school place through Birmingham Admissions, you should return the acceptance slip directly to Lordswood Girls’ School.

If the place has been offered by Sandwell Admissions, you will need to inform both Sandwell Admissions and Lordswood Girl’s School as to whether you wish to accept or decline the place offered.

The deadline for acceptances in 15th March 2021
If you have not accepted the place offered by this date, the offer will be withdrawn and may be offered to the next student on the waiting list.

29th March 2021
You must complete any appeal forms for Birmingham schools and return them by 29th March 2021. Please visit the School Appeals Enquiry page for more information on how to appeal.

If you wish to appeal for schools or academies in other local authorities, you should contact the relevant authority to establish their appeal arrangements.

May/June 2021
Date by which all appeals that have been submitted on time for secondary schools will be heard.

7th July 2021
Year 6 Induction Day – Primary children visit future secondary school.

2nd September 2021
Students start school in Year 7.