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Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. Psychology is an intriguing subject the aims to provide students with knowledge of the human mind and how it is correlated with our behaviour. Psychology is seen as a subject having a strong emphasis on scientific investigation and observation, so it provides a useful link between arts and science subjects. A Level Psychology will allow you to think about human behaviour from a number of viewpoints. You will be challenged to combine rigorous scientific and mathematical work with research and discussion. You’ll get plenty of chance to get involved in debating theories and evidence, including voicing your opinions in writing on current affairs, as well as the fundamentals of the subject. Over your two years studying A Level Psychology you will gain an insight into the causes of a wide variety of human behaviours, their impact on daily lives and the science that has evolved around them.


Why Choose This?

A level psychology is a helpful introduction to the subject for those considering a career in this field. In addition to progressing to a pure psychology degree, this course is a well-respected starting place for a career as a psychologist, counsellor or even criminologist. Psychology is also a useful second science for those choosing to study science.


Students have had the experience of taking part in research which provides them with hands on experience on the research methods used. There are also opportunities for students to attend a number of different educational talks which are delivered by some of the famous and influential names in psychology and visit London Science museum.


Areas of Study & Assessment

The course addresses questions relating to the causes and treatment of mental illness, human behaviour and the mechanisms and processes of the mind. You will focus on some revolutionary theories and research which have shaped our understanding of the subject. You will also study how we conduct psychological investigations. Specific Units:

You will study:

  • Social influence
  • Memory
  • Attachment
  • Psychopathology
  • Approaches in Psychology
  • Biopsychology
  • Research methods

You will be supported throughout your studies, there are after school support sessions as well as revision sessions which allow you to develop examination techniques. Students need to be able to use critical thinking skills and be able to work independently.


You will sit three papers at the end of year 13.

Paper 1 - Introductory topics in psychology (33.3%)

Paper 2 - Psychology in context (33.3%)

Paper 3 - Issues and options in psychology (33.3%)


What Our Students Say

Psychology is an incredibly interesting topic to those who constantly wish to learn more about how and why we function as we do. The A level lays the foundations of what is understood in psychology which gives you a level of knowledge that will guide you into any further education in the field.  Regardless of whether you have taken it at GCSE or not, this subject always has more to learn and is thus ideal if you, like me, are someone who wishes to be constantly expanding their knowledge.  The course at LSFC is great, I believe this course needs to have structure and be organised to a fairly extreme extent; this is exactly what it is here.  Highly recommended!


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