A Level Product Design

Exam Board

Three-Dimensional Design focuses on the 3D products around us, from the commercial to the personal: products we use, products we wear, products that are created just to please us. Students will explore, research and acquire the techniques specific to 3D design by focusing on a choice of products.  These include commercial ceramics, commercial sculptures, jewellery, design and/or construction for television, games or film, stage, environmental or architectural design and/or construction, body ornament (jewellery, fashion accessories, body painting and film or TV prosthetics), product design and realisation.

Why Choose This?
Students who are fascinated by the objects around us, are brimming with creative ideas and want to see those ideas become a reality, would be perfectly suited to this course.  Product design is a good foundation for careers in design, architecture and the creative industries. Students will get the chance to produce a portfolio of work that will showcase their skills and ideas.  Students will understand how to work to a client brief and create 3D design using a range of techniques and equipment.

Areas of Study & Assessment
Personal investigation (01)
Non-exam assessment (internally assessed and externally moderated). Portfolio of practical work in response to a brief, scenario or stimulus.

Written study of at least 1000 words.

Externally set task (02)

15 hours non-exam assessment (internally assessed and externally moderated). Response to one of a number of provided themes, each of which will have a range of written and visual starting points, briefs and stimuli.