A Level Philosophy of Religion & Ethics

Exam Board

A Level philosophy of religion and ethics develops students’ skills in critical analysis of the influence of beliefs and theories, textual interpretation of the Bible and evaluating the success of ethical and philosophical theories.  Teachers will ensure students are fully prepared for their examination in both technique and thorough knowledge of the content.

Why Choose This?
The transferable skills developed on this course, such as analysis, evaluation, and understanding the various influences on human behaviour and thought, would benefit any career in public services including the education, health care, journalism, law, civil service, human resources, public relations, law enforcement sectors as well as many others.

Areas of Study & Assessment
Year 12: Component 1: Philosophy of Religion and Ethics

Component 2: Study of Religion and Dialogues

100% examination at the end of Year 13.

What Our Students Say
Ethics and philosophy has increased my knowledge of religion and issues that occur in modern day.  I have enjoyed ethics the most as I have learnt new things about issues such as abortion and embryo research.  This course ties in with my other subjects such as psychology as I became more aware of ethical issues that affect wider subjects.

Studying philosophy of religion and ethics has provided me with knowledge so that I am open minded and open to everyone’s beliefs and opinions.  I have really enjoyed ethics as it relates to situations that are happening right now such as embryo research and the debate over capital punishment.

Studying this course at A level has prepared me for post 18 because it has ignited interest in the subject which I now intend to pursue at university.  I have really enjoyed relating religion, morals and ethics to modern day issues such as abortion.  Philosophy of religion and ethics has also allowed me to approach business from a religious perspective as I understand that ethics within business are heavily influenced by religion.  I have also found looking at sociology from a religious perspective as it has made me consider questions such as “is religion a social construction implemented to control society’s members?