A Level Music

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The music A Level course allows students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for further study of music at a university or conservatoire. If students have a real passion for music, studying at A Level will expand and develop their passion whilst widening their knowledge and understanding of composers, genres and eras.

Why Choose This?
The course allows for students to play to their strengths, adjusting the emphasis on composing or performing, depending on their preference and ability. The rest of the course aims to develop listening skills for which students have a mixture of set works and unprepared material. Again, there is flexibility in which set works are studied, students may choose between musical theatre, jazz and rock/pop as their specialism.

With the skills learnt in A Level music students will have an excellent foundation for any role in the music industry (further specific training may be required). The music business is a vast, vibrant and varied industry, employing huge numbers of people and generating billions every year globally. Music can also be a supporting A Level for many other pathways such as medicine and law.

Areas of Study & Assessment
Component 1: Performing – non-exam assessment, externally assessed by a visiting examiner

Component 2: Composing – non-exam assessment, externally assessed by an examiner

Component 3: Appraising – written examination

Area of study C: Students will explore music in the 20th Century.

What Our Students Say
Music A level allows you to develop your performing, listening, analysis and compositional skills. It is enjoyable and it allows you to think in a completely different way. The course allows you to explore a wide variety of genres and music styles that you wouldn’t necessarily listen too. So not only do you study classical pieces by Bach that one might associate with studying music, but, you also get to study contemporary, world and film music. Additionally, you receive a free music lesson per week which means you can either learn a new instrument to widen your musical abilities or have more lessons on your primary instrument to develop your playing.

The music teachers at Lordswood are very knowledgeable and they all specialise in different areas in music which means you receive expert teaching on each area of music. The teachers are dedicated, welcoming and are always willing to help you if you struggle with anything – their office is always open for any help or advice that you may need, even if it’s not specifically about music. I would highly recommend studying A-Level Music, especially at Lordswood because of the teaching quality, the friendliness of the department and the extra opportunities studying music at Lordswood brings you.