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The French A level qualification has been developed to inspire all students who have an appreciation of the language, literature, film and culture of the French-speaking world. This course features familiar and popular themes as well as content that provides clear links to some of the most fundamental and interesting aspects of the culture of the target language country and communities.


Why Choose This?

The aim of the A-level modern language course is to help you to develop an interest in speaking a foreign language, to gain awareness of the need to speak foreign languages, to appreciate the nature and diversity of different cultures and people and to acquire knowledge, skills and understanding for practical use, further study and employment.


Employers often require an understanding of other cultures, good oral communication skills and the discipline and work ethic that learning a language entails.  Languages can lead to a wide range of professions, for example: interpreting, translating, working in public and private businesses, law, engineering, politics, computing, travel and tourism, teaching and journalism.  Languages are an invaluable skill to have; they are key to the exciting multinational world we live in!


Areas of Study & Assessment

Year 12

Theme 1: Social issues and trends: Evolving society in France

Theme 2: Political and/or intellectual and/or artistic culture in  Francophone countries


Year 13

Theme 3: Social issues and trends: Immigration and the French multicultural society

Theme 4: Political and/or intellectual and/or artistic culture:  The Occupation and Resistance


Paper 1: Listening, reading and translation

2 hours

40% of the qualification (80 marks)


Paper 2: Written response to works and translation

2 hours and 40 minutes

30% of the qualification (120 marks)


Paper 3: Speaking

Internally conducted and externally assessed

Total assessment time: between 21 and 23 minutes (including 5 minutes’ preparation time)

30% of the qualification (72 marks)


What Our Students Say

I liked the list of books and films instantly. A good spread of traditional and new pieces of various genres and levels of difficulty. There should be something of interest for every teacher and student.


Whatever path you eventually take, there is no doubt that studying languages will give you the edge.


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