A Level Fine Art

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The fine art A Level teaches students a broad range of artistic skills whilst allowing them the freedom to choose topic themes and develop techniques which are of most interest to them. The course encourages students to try media from a range of artistic discipline areas such as drawing, illustration, painting, print making, photography and digital media and teaches them how to analyse artistic imagery.

Why Choose This?
Students who enjoy practical, creative subjects should choose to study fine art. Those who value the opportunity to express their ideas and opinions through artistic materials and techniques and any students who enjoy developing new ideas will enjoy this course. Fine art can provide an excellent basis for improving communication skills and can help students to develop resilience and independence.

Students with an A Level in art have progressed to degree programmes in areas such as fashion, architecture, photography and fine art. The analytical, communication and research skills developed would be useful for courses like history, religious studies or English literature, or students could use their skills to teach or help people through courses such as art therapy.

Areas of Study & Assessment
Initial experimental period with individual workshops to introduce a broad range of materials, techniques and processes to ensure that students can make independent decisions about which media to specialise in for component 1, the personal investigation.

Spring term Year 12 – Component 1: Extended project, the theme of which is decided by each student, to include a 1000-3000 word essay.

Spring Year 13 – Component 2: Externally set unit of work with set project brief culminating in examination.

What Our Students Say
Choosing to study fine art at A-level was a decision that required no deliberation. Art has allowed me to explore more creative concepts and to think more carefully about why I make certain choices- such as orientation, where I place certain pictures or whether I use colour on my artwork. The support provided allowed me to develop my skills over the 2 years immensely- I was given loads of feedback consistently which allowed me to reflect on my work and hence improve and make my work a higher standard.  I am currently studying Architecture at Birmingham City University. Fine Art A-level has provided me with the skills to be able to draw using a range of media and to think creatively when developing new ideas or concepts. Not only that, the course has also given me skills in reasoning and using sources to support my views.