A Level Computer Science

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A Level computer science is, above all else, relevant to the modern and changing world of computing.

This course will enable students to apply theory topics learned in the classroom to real-world scenarios. It is a creative subject where students will need to rely on their own ideas to solve problems and design their own systems.  This course will give students the best possible start if they are looking to go on to study computer science at a higher level as well as other subject areas that are looking for analytical skills.

Why Choose This?
A Level computer science could lead into a career as a business analyst, database administrator, systems developer or teacher, the list is endless. Even if computing isn’t students’ ultimate goal, this subject offers a wide range of skills that are sought after in many other professions looking for creativity, problem solving and innovation.

Areas of Study & Assessment
Component 1: Computer Systems; systems architecture, software development, exchanging data alongside legal, ethical, moral and cultural issues.

Component 2: Algorithms and Programming; focuses on computational thinking.

Component 3: Programming Project; analyse the problem, design a solution, implement the solution, evaluate.

Component 1 and 2 examinations at the end of Year 13.
Component 3 internally marked.

What Our Students Say
In the world today, technology is becoming an ever more prominent part of our day to day lives. The study of computer science is an incredibly important part of this development and those who go into the area will forever be working within the industry as a result of just how vast it truly is.

The A level lays the foundations of not only the practical side of computer science, but also the inner workings and theory of the topic; a wonderful base for anyone who wants to study the topic further!

Even if you choose not to go into the area after A Level, computer science gives you tremendous lifelong skills and will look excellent on any CV just because of the extent of the knowledge learnt. Lordswood offers a great course with expert teachers who supply any student with the resources needed to get the best grade!

I highly recommend computer science at Lordswood!