School Bulletin Board

If you have a concern about the well-being or safety of a student at the school, please inform the school immediately using either the designated safeguarding email ( or the school’s safeguarding mobile: 07518 316657. Thank you.

Remote Education Overview and Guidance

Key Stage 3 Live Lesson Overview

Information from BCC’s Transportation Team: Keeping pupils safe on the return journey to school  

Public Transport
Keeping everyone safe is our top priority. All buses and most trains and trams will be out on the West Midlands Network as usual, ensuring that students can get safely to and from school. Cleaning regimes have been increased and capacity on board will be limited in order to support social distancing measures. 

Top tips:

  • Plan ahead; with limited space on board there may be more demand for services.
  • Leave more time for your journey, as there may be a longer wait than usual. You may not be able to get on the first service and need to wait for the next one.
  • Promote use of face covering: TfWM has launched the “Mask up Now” campaign to promote mask wearing compliance on public transport. Further resources can be found here.
  • Remind students that social distancing should be maintained at all times when travelling.

For further advice about how to stay safe when using public transport please visit this link.

Please find below information from Birmingham Children’s Partnership regarding:

Please find below information on support that is available to students and families:

For Parents/Carers

  1. Urgent mental health help line:  ring 0121 262 3555 for advice and support. This line is available 24 hours, 7 days a week and can be used whether you are known to the service or not.
  2. Foodbanks:
  3. Domestic Violence: Birmingham & Solihull Women’s Aid
    Helpline: 0808 800 0028. Open 7 days a week 9.15am – 5.15pm (closed bank holidays)
  4. Finally, a reminder that there is a lot of other early help in the city for all young people and families.  Click here for see a whole range of offers:   Birmingham Children’s Partnership – Resources | Birmingham Children’s Partnership – Resources | Birmingham City Council

For Children and Young People

  1. Kooth:  (Online chat, resources and direct help for 10-25yr olds)
  2. Pause (Mental health and emotional wellbeing support): to register and request support online via call the registration line 0207 841 4470. 

Updated info on what parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges in the spring term

Please see the links below for information regarding Covid:


NHS Covid 19 app

Hands, face, space

NHS Test and Trace

The Department for Education coronavirus (COVID-19) helpline remains available to answer questions about coronavirus (COVID-19) relating to education settings and children’s social care:
Phone: 0800 046 8687
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm

Timings of the School Day
As part of the coronavirus pandemic restrictions, temporary timings have been introduced for the school day. Please see below:

Years 8 & 11

8.30am – 8.45amRegistration
8.45am – 9.45amPeriod 1
9.45am – 10.45amPeriod 2
10.45am – 11.15amBreak
11.15am – 12.15pmPeriod 3
12.15pm – 12.45pmPeriod 4a
12.45pm – 1.15pmLunch
1.15pm – 1.45pmPeriod 4b
1.45pm – 2.45pmPeriod 5

Years 7, 9 & 10

8.45am – 9.45amPeriod 1
9.45am – 10.15amPeriod 2a
10.15am – 10.45amBreak
10.45am – 11.15amPeriod 2b
11.15am – 12.15pmPeriod 3
12.15pm – 1.15pmPeriod 4
1.15pm – 1.45pmLunch
1.45pm – 2.45pmPeriod 5
2.45pm – 3.00pmRegistration

Mental Health Support
Kooth is being provided now as a free, safe and anonymous service to support young people’s emotional and mental health in Birmingham. Because young people have suddenly had exams cancelled, transition arrangements thrown up in the air and are dealing with the impact of COVID-19 on their loved ones this is important. The new service was successfully launched yesterday for young people from year 6, aged 11 up to 25. The full offer, including online self-referral can be accessed at

Kooth is linked into the wider mental health support from Forward Thinking Birmingham and offers:

  • Online mental health counselling and chat services from midday to 10pm during the week, and 6pm to 10pm at weekends
  • Peer to peer support through moderated discussion forums
  • Self-care tools and resources to build resilience
  • Early response to and identification of emotional well-being and mental health problems
  • No waiting lists, referrals or thresholds to access the service